Lebanese Nurses Karantina


A dream medical team!

We are a team of dedicated doctors, residents, and nurses treating newborns from 25 weeks of pregnancy and 700gr weight, to children in pediatric intensive care with meningoencephalitis status, epilepticus, severe asthma and respiratory distress, pneumonia and metabolic diseases, newborns in need of central lines vascular and access to incubators.

Our team is prepared to deal with any case. The pediatric ward is a life-saving facility with the best medical and surgical equipment.

In 2018, ASSAMEH – Birth & Beyond's dream team of pediatric surgeons, ORL and neurosurgeons saved 900 babies:

  • 46 premature babies out of which 150 babies were admitted in premature intensive care for medium to longer treatment.
  • 200 major pediatric surgical operation
  • 60 infant metabolic disease
  • 60 renal disease
  • 40 congenital Cardiac malfunction
  • 100 general pediatrics cases

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