Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


After ruins and war destruction, hope is restored.

The Karantina hospital situated in the heart of the east zone of Beirut, a war-torn area during the civil war in Lebanon got its share of destruction.
The before and after comparison is as astonishing as the hard work of ASSAMEH – Birth & Beyond achieved. Within a few months, we were able to renovate one entire floor that is now a hostel for a team of dedicated doctors, residents, and nurses treating children, newborns, and premature babies.

In the place of cocooning snakes and rats, we are now cocooning  babies and sick newborns and providing them first-class medical services at a fraction of the cost these children will have to suffer in private hospitals.

A fully renovated department, a newly constructed facilities and new equipments is at the disposal of those in need:

  • 4 Intensive pediatric beds
  • 12 general pediatric beds
  • CT scan machine
  • 2 echography machines with CR development facility and an EEG video.
  • A mobile radiology machine with an automatic CR development on paper or CD.
  • Portable lab machine for urgent examinations with results within 15 seconds.
  • 16 Intensive care incubators state of the art with respirators, monitoring and phototherapy facilities and pumps.
  • Mobile transport incubator with a respirator facility and compatible IRM.
  • Operating room equipment including a neonatal and pediatric anesthetic machine,
  • Pediatric surgeries material , laparoscopic surgery, and urological laparoscopic equipment.
  • Compressed air facility and aspiration conduit to the pediatric beds.
  • Air tank with a compressor allowing the administration of NO for the resistant pulmonary hypertensions.
  • Rigid bronchoscope with telescope, broncho tubes and accessories, optical foreseps & suction tube.
  • Operating table with pediatric facility.
  • Billycheck advanced system.
  • Patient monitors , vital signs, meal distribution trolley.
  • OtoRead screening: OAE tester with fixed frequency and printer.
  • Laryngoscopes , ambu bags , otoscope, ophthalmoscope.
  • Pousse seringue, 10 perfuseurs, 4 docking stations
  • Pediatric resectoscope
  • Central monitoring station, conventional and HFO respirators.

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