Beirut Blast Fundraiser

On August 4, and in 5 seconds the apocalyptic blast from the Beirut port explosion destroyed the Pediatric ward of the Quarantina Governmental Hospital.
We will raise again after this huge and unexpected event. We had to close the pediatric ward for 2 weeks, and are now operating at a reduced capacity. Forced to be relocated in temporary premises we can, at the moment, take care of 5 premature in the intensive care unit and 3 children in the pediatric section.

Our aim is to raise enough donations in order to propose the proper treatment and keep faith in the future generations. In order to increase our capacity and move to the new unfinished building, also damaged by the explosion, we have an estimated budget ranging between 3 to 3.5 Million USD

Eight well known French DJs are joining us in organizing a live stream for the reconstruction of the Pediatric ward of the Quarantina Governmental hospital.
Join The Avener, Bob Sinclar, Feder, Kungs, Martin Solveig, Mosimann, Ofenbach and Polo & Pan Saturday 17th starting 9:00PM CET for a unique experience.
The Event will be streamed Live on many platforms. More information on the official website here.

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