Awareness meeting with a group from the SDL, N.D. Nazareth

On Monday January 7, 2020 ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond organized a presentation and site visit for the Louvetaux, groupe 20, Baden Powell of N.D. de Nazareth, Achrafieh. Around fifty of them gathered in the conference room where Professor Sacy and Mr. Chami presented the Association and the goals achieved during the last 3 years. After that, they viewed a short film explaining the mission and the partnership between ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond an NGO and the Quarantina Government Hospital. The film prepared for Christmas by les Charbels singing a message of hope was appreciated by the auditorium as we could see the compassion on the face of the young girls.
Nada Ghanem, member of the association, addressed the group to promote the sharing and giving acts that helps the association pursue its mission. She also stressed on the fact that we should always think before acting and keep in mind the purpose of our actions as what will remain is what we accomplish. She considered that the generation Z (as she called the scouts) will have to cope with the mistakes of the “war generation” and work for a brighter future.
Then the Louvetaux were divided in small groups to visit the non-refurbished sections of the hospital as well as the pediatric aisle completely renovated by the association. During the visit of the Intensive Care Unit, Professor Sacy explained how the cocooning of premature children helps them heal faster and grow healthier. Some groups also tried to sing and make a patient laugh to help him feel happy even though he was suffering from a meningitis.
The association thanks the Scouts du Liban, group Baden Powell of N.D. de Nazareth for their contribution given at the end of the visit and count on their support to promote the mission and goals of Assameh Birth and Beyond.

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