COVID-19 and Kawasaki-like illness

Children dealing with COVID-19 and Kawasaki-like illness?
Many children tested positive to COVID-19 in Europe and the United states are presenting symptoms of the Kawasaki illness. The main common symptoms are a prolonged fever, predominant digestive troubles and signs of cardiac unrest. The children often have other symptoms like skin eruption.

Why the association between Kawasaki like and COVID-19?
While nasopharyngeal swab results for COVID-19 were negative, serology for COVID-19 was positive. Why the difference in both methodology you would ask, is it a false negative? Studies proved that 90% of children presenting the Kawasaki like symptoms had in fact positive serology for COVID-19 confirming they had developed an immunology response to the COVID-19 in the last few weeks before being tested.

Is it frequent? What is the prognostic for the children?
No, it is not frequent. Most children recover very quickly. The cardiac unrest is resolved usually in 2 to 3 days. Children without preexisting other illness recover completely and even without hospitalization. Nevertheless some exceptions were reported with complications and fatalities, but it is rare for children.

Is there a confirmed treatment?
If the child present the Kawasaki like symptoms the treatment consist to reduce the blood vessels inflammation. An immunoglobulin or Ig polyvalenre (IVIg) injection is indicated to regulate the immune response and reduce the inflammation. This treatment is reducing the rate of complications up to 5%, especially the risk of developing coronary aneurysm. Some other treatments like aspirin and corticoids can be prescribed also to reduce the inflammation.

What is the proportion of children beiing infected with the COVID-19 virus in Lebanon?
According to the helth ministy of Lebanon, 3.15% of the infections in Lebanon are less than 10 year old and 8.19% are in the range of 10 to 19 year old.

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