Cystic Hygroma


Critical Cases

We welcomed today at the Quarantina Hospital a very rare case of a 10 days old Lebanese newborn with a giant cystic hygroma referred from a hospital in the Bekaa valley.
No other hospital would accept to receive him without a payment of around 25,000USD and no other governmental institution would admit him and provide the appropriate treatment.
He was transferred today by our mobile intensive care unit to the Quarantina Hospital by our medical team because the baby was intubated and needed respiratory assistance during the transport.
All our thanks go to our vascular interventional radiologist dr. Abbas Chamseddine who accepted to treat this patient at the Quarantina Hospital even though we didn’t have the appropriate equipment.
Our thanks also goes to Banin and his president Mohamed Beydoun who requested from his NGO to cover the expenses of our patients’ stay and start a fund raising campaign to save the life of this newborn.
Special thank you to the administration of the Quarantina Hospital and the medical and nursing team who will take care of this difficult case.
According to The Fetal Medicine Foundation, cystic hygromas affect 1 in 800 pregnancies and 1 in 8,000 live births, 80% of the cystic hygromas appear on the face, head, neck, mouth, cheek, or tongue.
In 50% of the cases chromosomal abnormalities are the identified cause, environmental factors like viral infections or drug and alcohol used during pregnancy account for the rest.

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