OKAIDI Donation

Following the blast of the Beirut port on August 4th, the pediatric ward of the Quarantina Governmental Hospital was totally destroyed and all the work done by us for the past 5 years gone in seconds.
We were astonished by the generosity of donors around ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond, many called upon us to rebuild and continue our work to help the chidren in need of medical care.
Among the Generous donations, we received from OKAIDI and OBAIBI four pallets of children clothes for ages ranging from few months to 14 years old.
A first distribution was held on september 21th at the hopital. We prepared a selection of clothes for the children of the medical personnel and some kids that we previously treated in the pediatric ward.
We are planning a second distribution for children in Ashrafieh that will be held shortly.
Thanks to OKAIDI and OBAIBI around 100 children will receive clothes to stay worm during the upcoming winter.

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