Dr. Sylvana Zoghbi – Pediatric Pulmonologist and Allergist

After practicing for two years at Hopital Necker in Paris, Dr. Sylvana Zoghbi moved to Geneva for one year before coming back to Lebanon. Dr. Zoghbi obtained a position at St. Georges Hospital where she met Dr. Sacy and was challenged by the types of medical cases the governmental hospital was treating. Since 2019 Dr. Zoghbi has been working with ASSAMEH Birth & Beyond because she considers medicine as a humanitarian mission. Dr. Zoghbi is actually pursuing a Ph.D. in ethics and is passionate about understanding the different society classes and the impact on the health of the children from different backgrounds. She is militating for the child rights to fair treatment and for child protection. Dr. Zoghbi attaches a lot of importance on the perception and relation between the doctor and the patient and vice versa.
She has been in contact with very severe cases at the Carlos Slim Pediatric Center of the governmental hospital. As Dr. Zoghbi said: “Children are not miniature adults” and should be treated as such with their own vulnerabilities and especially when they are sick or connected to machines and IV lines. She stressed on the fact that most children from families in financial needs wait until the child is really in medical difficulty before consulting a doctor or visiting the hospital. Health should not be dismissed due to financial distress, as the condition of the child might deteriorate if not treated when the first symptoms appear. For her it should be every child’s right to have the appropriate health care and she supports the mission of ASSAMEH Birth & Beyond in order to reduce the inequalities of treatment. Dr. Zoghbi is touched by the comments and feedback parents give when the child is discharged. She noticed the difference in the way parents appreciate every little effort made to treat their child at Quarantina hospital compared to parents in private hospitals that consider the treatment as a service they are entitled to.
The equipment purchased since the launching of the association is making today the pediatric aisle of the hospital one of the best in Lebanon in the public and private sectors. The flexible pediatric bronchoscope purchased recently saved lives of many children in severe distress. It also helped making many diagnosis through bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).
Dr. Zoghbi also stresses on the biased reputation the quarantine hospital has. She has been for the past year defending the quality of treatment received there. She considers that for the pulmonary and respiratory department, most of the diseases can be treated but other devices specific to the newborns and infants would simplify the patients handling and comfort.
Dr. Zoghbi thanks all the donors that helped in the acquisition of this machine and asks for their continuous support in order to be able to procure portable devices, like noninvasive ventilation (NIV) devices, that would allow patients to be convalescent at home rather than being forced to stay at the hospital for long durations.

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